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Top 5 places to visit in South Korea

Hey guys, wanna travel somewhere? Looking for the beautiful places to visit which you’ve never seen for?

Here I come up with top 5 places to visit in South Korea. I hope you like it!


Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a city that has an official history of 600 years. It is considered the historical centre of the country, according to the Seoul metropolitan government. It is very developed city where modern skyscrapers,high-tech subways and pop culture. Gyeongbokgung palace is the historical palace with 7,000 rooms & a museum. N Seoul Tower with a city views then Myeong-dong is a place where we can shop & available casual global dining and then bukchon hanok village is a heritage village with 600-year history and then Insa-dong place where we can find craft shops & traditional Korean dining and a lot more places !! Plus a lotte World, a massive amusement Park located next to super tall skyscraper Lotte World tower. Dividing them is the Han river lined with parks and promenades. Namsan mountain offers panoramic views.


Busan, a large port city in South Korea is popularly known for its beaches, mountains and temples. It’s a second largest city in South korea. The pleasent beaches, the numerous festivals. It is also a paradise for lovers of fresh seafood. 2 days should be enough for sightseeing.

#Jeju Island

Jeju province encompasses the south Korean Island of Jeju in the Korean strait. It’s known for its beach resorts and volcanic landscape of craters. You should definitely visit Mount hallasan , a big mountain of the island. If there’s one thing we know to be sure in this world. It’s that we humans are suckers for a good waterfall so cheonjeyeon waterfall is the best choice!


Jeonju is a city in western South Korea. It’s known for the hanok heritage village, an area of traditional houses, craft shops and food stalls. In the city’s southwest ,jeonju national museum houses ancient religious vessels and pottery. Gyeonggijeon is the historic shrine with portrait museum. It’s very heritage place to visit when you’re in South Korea!


Andong is a city on the nakdong river,in South korea. Its known for its open-air heritage museums. Andong folk museum uses exhibits and re-enactment to traditional ceremonies Andong Soju museum explores the production of the Korean rice liquor where it’s really famous for!

That’s it for today! Until next time Byeeee!

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5 Reasons you should watch W : Two Worlds

Well , if you haven’t watched “W” yet, because you’re not much into this drama?

Well, here are 5 Reasons that you should watch this kdrama!


Of course everyone knows Lee Jong suk right? Ya, who dont love him? His perfomance in this drama was marvelous! Each and every act no matter whether it is romance,fight, cute, emotional he just slayed it ! His acting is phenomenal!!

He was a shooter, very talented person but at some time his family was killed by someone. So the court wrongly judge Lee Jong suk as criminal because the investigators found out that the gun was as same as the stranger got! So he sentenced to prison and then he’ll become a super rich person. Awwww !! His cuteness is much more overloaded and he gave his best performance in it!


Two worlds !! Yes the real world and the comic world. It’s such a unique story I haven’t hear. It’s like you’re watching two kdramas in one . It’s such an amazing idea to come up with . After seeing this I’m like, man how the heck does this person come up with a such good idea!? You’re constantly wondering what’ll happen next!

How actually it works? Webtoon author’s cad will work as magical and it take it into the other world ! For example if in real world it’s 10 mins then in comic world it’ll be like 30 mins or 1 hour. They made a cute relationship, Will the love survive with a person and a fictional character? And yet the author made it ! Amazing story-plot !


Han hyo Joo… Cutie girl, she gave her best performance, She’s the one who actually helps Lee Jong suk by going to comic world ! Don’t ask me how? Just watch,you can understand!

She’s a surgeon and her father is the author of this webtoon.


Lee Jong suk and han hyo joo relationship are perfect. Yes! Just perfect!

Even though Lee Jong suk’s revenge to han hyo joo’s father that is webtoon’ author who created this comic. He kpet aside and love her without hurting!

Han hyo joo had a perfect bond with kee Jong suk ! They help each other to survive in their own world ! And thats very difficult to do, you can understand by watching it!


Can’t believe he’s a comic character? Yes he’s ! Those comic lovers here you can see him as such a handsome boy through a drama! When he knows about the real world and being a comic character himself, how will he react? Will his love survive even when he thinks that he’s just a comic character where he never exist other than webtoon! Just make sure to watch it by yourself!

My favourite sayings in W

Well after watching this drama I’m exactly like professor park “These days,I’m so stressed because of W”

She’s the key to my life”. My favourite one I’ll never forget this💙

As everyone expects this drama has a happy ending such a beautiful ending! I wish this season should never finish but yeah it’s a drama we should accept the fact!

Make sure to watch this drama,until next time, byeeeeee!

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W:Two World 2016 Kdrama review

W:Two world

Lem’me first say this may be contain spoiler alert!


A romance takes place between Lee jong suk (fictional charachter) who is super rich and exist in webtoon named “W” and han hyo joo (a real person) who is surgeon in real world where her father is the author of the webtoon.

Okay,read the title “W: Two worlds” right? Everyone might think world from other planet or extraterrestrial things happening to each other planet! But that’s not well, this drama is so perfect to watch for book / comic / webtoon lovers or maybe after watching this other people will love to read comics who don’t love before.

Yes, because this drama shows us two world one from real world and from webtoon world. Sounds new right? Well, even myself got surprised by watching this ! How the heck can director think far beyond like this, h-how can he come up with such a marvelous story !!

This drama starts with a main actor ( Lee Jong suk ) he was a shooter. He had a very good name because of his talent. After a day his whole family except him all are murdered by someone (stranger) and the stranger left his gun which is alike the main character (Lee Jong suk) gun which he used for his sports games as he was a shooter, so considering this the court declared him to prison for attempting homicide. After that, somehow he managed to become a rich person but his inner feelings about his family makes him more depressed so he decided to suicide but at some point he refused to do it because he wants to know who’s that stranger? So he decided to never give up and take a revenge and that’s how story builds..

Actually the whole part which I said now is nothing but a comic’s a comic world. In real world Main actress is a doctor (not professional) still learning, his professor was so obsessed with W comic and her dad is the actual author of “W”. His dad has three assistants. Main actor has two assistants.

At some point, the comic world actually works and the both world can relate to each other!! And that’s how the main actress goes to the comic world and the story develops!

Lee Jong suk

Lee Jong suk as kang chul he’s actually a fictional character which never exists who fall in love with the real person and also finds a mystery behind his family’s death.

Han hyo Joo

Han hyo joo as oh yeon joo is real person she’s actually a surgeon doctor who helps the fictional character from the death (when she goes to the comic world) and also fall in love with the character

Kim Ui-seong

Kim ui-seong as oh seong Mo the author of the webtoon named “W”

Lee tae Hwan

Lee tae Hwan as Seo do yoon the gaurdian for the Lee Jong suk(kang chul) he’s also a fictional character.

Jeong yoo-jin

Jeong yoo-jin as Yoon so hee a personal assistant for Lee jong suk (kang chul) She’s also a fictional character. She has a crush on Lee jong suk (kang chul)

Kang ki-young

Kang ki-young as Kang suk bum he’s a hospital sunbaenim a side character in real world


Stranger ( a fictional character) he’s the actual criminal who’s the reason for Lee jong suk’s family death but the author didn’t reveal the person’s face.

Hyo jong-do

Hyo Jong do as professor park who’s doctor in real world, he’s so obsessed with the comic “W”.

“she’s the key to my life”

Why I started with this drama?

Because this is my first kdrama that I’ve watched and I’m so glad that I’ve a watched a very good drama! My rating would be 10/10 I loved the way they presented and acted !! I would love to watch again and also I’ll be very happy if there’s season 2 with the same characters !!

Guys, if you dont watch this drama..please make sure to watch ill highly recommend this !

If you guys need any other drama, you can say to me😊

Until next time, Byeeee!!